Fall & Winter Are Prime Times for CO2 Laser at Dr Dan Jacob's Office

The fractional CO2 laser is heralded as the most advanced laser for facial rejuvenation. In this practice, Dr. Jacob himself performs the procedure. Not only does it resurface the skin, it also stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen, improves skin irregularities, reduces pore size, diminishes uneven pigmentation, treats sun damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and acne scarring, tightens loose skin, and lightens dark under-eye circles. Dr. Jacob uses this laser on the face, eyelids ( “The Madonna Lift”), neck and décolletage areas. Many of our patients opt for this procedure during the Fall and Winter, as their exposure to the sun is minimal at this time.

Retin A and Hydroquinone

Retin A, also known as tretinoin, is a by-product of Vitamin A synthesis and is a member of a key family of skin care medications. It helps regulate the growth of the epidermis, inhibits the formation of cancer, decreases inflammation and improves immune function. It has also been clinically proven to improve epithelium, provide skin exfoliation, stimulate new collagen production, prevent collagen breakdown and lessen pigmentation variations. Retin A is a prescription drug. You cannot buy it over the counter. Retin A can be mixed with Hydroquinone, another prescription drug, to enhance the removal of pigment variations or brown spots that are the result of sun damage, hormones, and the aging process. Both of these products are available for purchase in Dr. Jacob’s office.

Flu Shots

Once again it is time to receive your annual flu shot. Dr. Jacob administers flu shots in the office. The vast majority of insurance companies cover the cost of flu shots. You need not make an appointment to get your flu shot. Just call and let us know that you are on your way. (504.456.9068)